Host Workflow

Host workflow is a workflow that serves as a server, and this workflow can add by other Automa users to their extension by inputting its host id.

Every time you edit the hosted workflow, it will send the update to every user (client) who adds it. The client only can view and execute the workflow.


Host example

Set Workflow as Host

Open the workflow you want to set as a host first, click the "Host workflow"() button, enable the "Set as host workflow" switch, and the host id will show up. You can share this host id with other Automa users.

Host id

Add Hosted Workflow

To add a hosted workflow:

  1. Open the Automa dashboard
  2. Open the workflows page
  3. Click the arrow button beside the "New workflow" button,
  4. Click the "Add hosted workflow" button,
  5. And input the host id.

Add hosted workflow