Forms Block

Get or fill the value of a form element (input, select, checkbox, and radio).

Get form value

Get the value of the form element.

  • Assign to variable
    Whether assign the value into a variable or not.

  • Variable name
    Name of the variable to assign the value.

  • Insert to table
    Whether insert the value into the table or not.

  • Select column
    The column where the value will be inserted.

Form type

Text field

  • Value
    The value for the text field element like <input> and <textarea> or an element that has contenteditable attribute.

  • Clear form value
    Clear the value of the text field element before inserting the new one.

  • Typing delay
    Add delay when inserting each of the characters of the value. When set to 0, the value is inserted at once.


Checkbox & Radio

  • Selected
    Whether the checkbox or radio element is selected or not.