Creating Workflow

Workflow is a sequence of an automated process made up of blocks. The blocks are executed in the order they are connected and always started from the trigger block.

There are two ways to create a workflow:

  1. Recording
  2. Manually

Recording a Workflow

The fastest and easiest way to create a workflow is by recording it. Automa will record your actions like clicking, inputting, and navigating the tab. And build a workflow based on that.

To start recording, open the popup, click the record workflow button ⏺️, and input the name for the workflow.

Record workflow step

And to stop the recording, open the popup again, and click the stop button ⏹️.


For creating a workflow manually,

  1. Open the dashboard by clicking the home button in the popup. Dashboard button
  2. Click the workflows icon on the sidebar and click the "new workflow" button.
  3. Input the name and description of the workflow.

To add a block to the workflow, drag a block on the left side and drop it to the editor.

drag & drop block

Click the play button if you want to start executing the workflow. You can set how and when the workflow executes on the trigger block.

Connecting Block

After adding a block, there are several ways to connect a block to another block.

  • Manually
    By dragging the block output into an input of a block.

connect block manually

  • Drop a block into a block output
    Drop the block to the output of a block.

drop to output example

  • Clicking the block output and input

Clicking the block output and input example

  • Drop a block into another block

drop to another block example