Save Assets Block

Save assets (image, video, audio, or file) from an element or URL.

  • Type
    Where to get the assets from, whether get assets from an URL or media elements like imageopen in new window, audioopen in new window, or videoopen in new window.

  • URL
    URL of the assets. for example,

  • Element selector
    Element selector.

  • File name
    The filename of the assets. If you don't want to rename the assets leave the input blank.

  • On conflict
    Specifies what to do if the name of a asset file conflict with an existing file.

    • "uniquify"
      The browser will modify the filename to make it unique.

    • "overwrite"
      The browser will overwrite the old file with the newly-downloaded file.

    • "prompt"
      The browser will prompt the user, asking them to choose whether to uniquify or overwrite.